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How Barefoot Running Shoes Were Invented

Barefoot running shoes that have become a new trend in the last few years started out as means to an end. It was actually never intended for anyone else but me – all I wanted was a shoe that would allow me to play tennis without risking twisted ankles. Some barefoot runners may ask, “Why bother with shoes at all if they are injuring your ankles?”. But seriously, imagine if I had turned up at a tennis tournament without shoes on. People would have laughed, and I think the referee would have had something to say too. I didn’t want that kind of attention. So the first barefoot shoes were thus created for my tennis matches which I played in London during 2000. They also made good running shoes for my jogs around Hyde Park.

I recently spoke at the launch of my dad’s new book “Change your posture – Change your life”, which has a chapter about how shoes effect posture. Here’s a video of my 10 minute talk:

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2 Responses to “How Barefoot Running Shoes Were Invented”

  • Just stumbled upon this blog today, having been into London to buy my third pair of Vivobarefoot shoes. It’s a shame you didn’t continue with the original set of articles entitled “Why Go Barefoot Running? A Barefoot Adventure”. However this new video you’ve posted goes some way to continuing the story.
    I bought your Evo II shoes back in January and I’m convinced I’ll never by another pair of non-barefoot shoes again.
    Just wanted to say a big thanks for not stopping at fixing your own problem, and persevering to get a manufacturer to make these. Now if you can just convince Terra Plana to make a greater range of non-athletic shoes too I’ll be a happy man.

  • Alan says:

    Mr. Brennan,

    I have been wearing VivoBarefoot shoes for many years, and am very grateful to you for inventing them. They are a revelation.

    My first pair of Vivo’s were Avalon 2′s, the ones with the zip-off, replaceable sole. They are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned, and I still wear them to this day, every day.

    Last month, I started playing tennis in them, and they work wonderfully. However, the soles have started to wear out and tear away from the upper. I would really love to buy some replacement soles and zip them on, but unfortunately, they are no longer in production.

    So, I am writing to implore you to use your influence to bring back the Avalon 2′s. They are great for tennis, and would fill a much needed void in the tennis shoe market. In tennis & shoe forums around the web, I’ve noticed that there are others like me who recognize the pitfalls of wearing clunky, cushioned tennis shoes—just as you discovered yourself—and we are eager to buy a barefoot/minimalist tennis shoe when one comes to market.

    Would you please consider my proposal?

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